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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Post-weekend blues. (25-27/11/11)

Although a complete contrast to my very iconic Monday night prior, I certainly enjoyed the Friday night of my weekend nearly as much. Interestingly I still went for the same things; the club, the people and certainly the genre of music.

Acid techno is a very niche but proud part of London culture. Whilst not many people may of heard of it, its fan base stretches far and wide. Of course this was the reason I was there. Busy with their 100th release, Stay Up Forever,  one of Acid Techno's biggest record labels, also announced this event a few months ago. Pioneers of acid techno Liberator DJs, Henry Cullen (stage name D.A.V.E the Drummer) amongst many others put on an absolute howler of a night with sets running right through 'till 6AM with a following after party which I hate to say I didn't attend.

SUF DJ Guy McAffer aka 'The Geezer' with my friends Michael and Aron.

I think it's a shame that people don't know what a brilliant techno scene, albeit rather small, London actually has. But in a way that's what makes an underground scene special. Nonetheless, what was important to me was the crowd of friends I was with, all of us massive fans of the scene and the music. Consider this entry an extended thank you to all the SUF crew and all who attended. Finally, needless to say, a big thanks to the boys that made my entire weekend one like never before...but certainly like many more to come: