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Monday, 9 December 2013

'So The Echo' - Brandon Boyd

Meet Brandon Boyd. He's got to be one of the most creative people in contemporary culture. 'Incubus' was his break and his most well known creation, but stretching beyond this pioneering experimental rock band, Brandon's life-long strive to express himself appears boundless.

I'm yet to purchase a copy of his new 'coffee-table' book but it definitely looks like it's worth checking out. 'A Peek Inside' on his website demonstrates that this collection gives insight into his creative process through a combination of his art alongside lyrics, notes and almost fleeting opinion pieces from his journal. It seems a 'stream of consciousness' narrative to Brandon's inner going-ons. His art combines what seems to be an edgy political tone amongst a psychedelic backdrop, producing some rather quirky and abstract - but nonetheless thought provoking - pieces. Surrounding much of his art, and his words to an extent, is an element of fluidity. His musical work often plays on clever time signatures and lyrical structure, tampering with how his music flows. His art reciprocates this somewhat. Streaks, twirls and waves work themselves around a central icon or image developing, on a simple level, mere aesthetic pleasure; on a higher note a lot of his work compliments his ideas and thoughts more often seen in his poesis.

Boyd's creative adaptability is what sets him up above the rest. He versatiley brings his fans an array of abounding ingenuity for our eyes and ears. Whether you take his work at face value or attempt to extend his work into something more, there's an angle for everyone. If you ever catch one of his interviews he often talks of his childhood and how he felt he was raised in an environment that (quite evidently) nurtured his artistic innovation to where he is today and where he will go. What all parties will come to appreciate is that creativity, for Brandon, is far from just work, but a lifestyle.

'So The Echo',out now, is available from Brandon Boyd's online shop here.