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Sunday, 21 April 2013

'High Maintenance' and just hi in general.

First things first, sorry. Without having any particular excuse, what I originally called 'my blogging adventure' has now become more a blogging inadequacy. Mainly because I've sadly had nothing largely exciting or inspiring in my life to write about lately. However, soon my exams will be over and, with a rather substantial amount of time off, I hope to indulge in fun and sunshine (coming to think of it, how have these two things never been coined 'funshine'?) thus bringing my life - and of course this blog - fruitful and exciting stories, both in London and beyond.

However, until that time comes around the corner I'm only left with the basic pleasures, one of these currently being this great web series which I very greedily rinsed in its entirety as soon as I discovered it this morning. 'High Maintenance' is based around a weed delivery guy in Brooklyn, New York. Each episode is approximately ten minutes long and titled differently each time with the main character's name. The idea is that, as the weed delivery guys remains this static and rational being, his customers of course, do not. Each episode brings new drama and amusement from a different clientele from the wide base of New-Yorker pot-heads that he serves each and every day: the young to the old, the chilled to the crazy.

Now, before you assume this is yet another Harold & Kumar, Thurgood Jenkins type role be assured that this is not. The first episode I watched was one of the latest (they appear to come in cycles of three). Although amusing in places, this episode, titled 'Jonathan', overall portrayed quite a deep concept and took on some pretty serious themes; certainly not what I initially expected at 9 o'clock this morning when I was sat on my laptop procrastinating the day away. But it's certainly not all deep and it's kind of exciting not knowing what each plot holds. I don't want to give much away but what I will say is to expect is some great acting, great laughs and a more realistic depiction of every day cannabis consumption as opposed to flight-enabling weed and cheetah-riding morons.

Here's my favourite episode below and also a link for all the others. Take a look and see what you think. Laters;

...And more episodes here.