Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The 2011 iMemory Lane.

I've noticed that I've become rather disorganised with the pictures I take with my phone. A lot of people spend time separating them into albums and then keep them organised by event, month etc. Not me. I can't say I take pictures very often but over time I've built up a rather large album on my phone of snaps that are in no order other than what they were taken in. But I have to say this has rather worked to my advantage and by simply flicking from start to finish this disorganisation has actually left me with a rather nice documentation of the last 10 months of my life. Right through from Sixth Form to now;

Perhaps the best school photo ever.
Random weekend antics
Berlin, April 2011
Berlin, April 2011; Oysters in the KaDeWe
April 2011 ; Weekend in Scarborough
April 2011; Weekend in Scarborough
Home at Horsley's
A random Saturday in Louth
June 2011; Stressful period of revising for exams
July 2011; mountain biking in Yorkshire
August 2011; holiday with Hollie in Rhodes
October 2011; birthday meal at Heston Blumenthal's pub

Saturday, 10 December 2011

"...it actually hurts"

The final three contestants. Source; Unrealitytv.co.uk

After watching the first part of the 2011 X Factor final I come away frustrated. This kind of show is certainly not something I normally choose to follow but considering it was the final I thought I'd watch it for the craic and also to see what the public and the judges (if you can call them that) think talent is. This is not the talent that I had in mind. Nonetheless, I suppose it did provide some form of entertainment and a few cheap laughs (at them, certainly not with).

The entire show seems to become more of a sellout each year. After the ridiculously long build up, all of a sudden presenter Dermot O'Leary completely unnecessarily dances onto the stage at the start which surely entitles anyone to snigger at this pathetic entrance. This is nearly as laughable as the biographical follow-ups of each contestant which seem to take up more time than the singing itself. Popularity seems to overwhelm the so-called talent. Perhaps this is because these generic mimers-in-the-making use this opportunistic gap to swallow the truth that skill is something that prevails with the people they aspire to be.

I was also following Twitter whilst watching the show; reading the witty remarks provided me with more entertainment than the show itself I daresay. But what certainly didn't amuse me was the ignorance as to Leona Lewis' song choice. Let me state this loud and clear. Admittedly, Johnny Cash's version of 'Hurt' is spectacular (and some may argue the best) but it was not the original. This honour lies with Trent Reznor, founder of industrial metal band Nine Inch Nails. Admittedly it is only opinion when I think that that stage (and it's spoon-fed audience) were not worthy of such music, but I don't think I'm alone when I worry about the original song being buried underneath nothing more than the disposable Christmas hit that Leona Lewis will turn it into.

I don't deny that most of the contestants can sing (let us not forget low-life Cocozza, however), but talent is dynamic and a qualified audience want something fresh. What nearly all of the contestants lack is a real identity in their skill; Amelia Lily might as well be a tribute act to Christina Aguilera for Christ's sake. Surely people must be bored of this by now. And even the thickest of people must have noticed that a good portion of these 'winners' seem to be going nowhere; I read somewhere that when 2010 winner Matt Cardle performed on the 2011 opening night it was the first time he had been on stage since he had won the final a year ago! That's real talent right there folks. But even if you do enjoy this show for what it is (rather than watching it to laugh at it like myself) please, please appreciate good music when you hear it and never assume that the cover is the original; it turns artists who actually have real talent into unsung heroes.

@earlywill: "Not sure if Leona Lewis is trying to butcher the NIN version or the amazing Johnny Cash version - but it actually hurts."