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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hype Vibes Review; Qbeck's 'Railway Mood EP'

Here's another review I've done for Hype Vibes on Qbeck's 'Railway Mood EP'. The EP is really worth a listen; it's definitely some of the best Tech-/Deep House I've heard recently.

You can check my article here and listen to a preview of the EP below;

 UPDATE (19/01/2014); unfortunately this article is no longer hosted on this website, however I've posted it below;

After making a big break through Seth Troxler’s Visionquest label with impressive work such as ‘Alice’, Qbeck is now full steam ahead with his Railway Mood EP.

Eureka has a slow and almost uncomfortable bounce; haunting whilst at the same time enchanting. Its distinctive breathing samples give a cinematic feel where you’d almost expect it to soundtrack a thriller movie. At the same time it creates an intimacy with his music, both giving it a personified identity and stressing the closeness of others in the urban dance movement.

The reality is that it’s more likely to soundtrack your night rather than a movie, and, considering the brilliant complexity of this EP as a whole, this is certainly not a bad thing. Both Eureka remixes are an imperative listen; the Hooved remix increasingly plays on the echoey vocal samples, giving an even more troubling and rugged take to the tune. Secondly, Mihai Popoviciu’s approach creates a deeper and more dance-compatible adaptation thus seemingly the most likely to make the club sets.

The EP closes with ‘Deadlock’: a rolling, chirpy piece. Whilst the breakdown maintains the bleak and empty feel heard throughout, the clappy samples and animated percussion really lets you know you’re ultimately listening to tech-house. Yet what is paramount on this EP is the title track. Setting the bar high for Qbeck’s contemporaries, ‘Railway Mood’, with its oriental-esque samples and slow rolling, pensive feel takes deep house to a higher level.

What Qbeck essentially does is combine some of the best elements of Tech and Deep House to create – and satisfy the need for – a darker side of house. Whilst the more commercial approaches to house music progressively advance, there’s still a thirst for a gloomier sound. Qbeck, with this EP and the rest of his unfailing back catalogue, definitely makes a decent stab at this. Following successes like ‘Alice’ with this EP, Qbeck seems to still be up and coming and definitely one to keep an eye out for in the future.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

'So Far' Summer Selection

Well the English weather has finally made a turn for the better with good times and, undoubtedly, good music following closely behind. Here's a selection of the gems I've been listening to in what hopefully isn't the only sunshine we'll get this year! Probably best you pick an easy going, chilled day to truly appreciate these. Take a listen, see what you think, enjoy the sunshine.

The Avalanches - Since I Left You

Gold Panda - Marriage

Telepopmusik - Breathe

Parov Stelar - Afternoon Breaks

 The Chemical Brothers - Swoon

Fc Kahuna - Hayling